Leftover Buttercream? Make These Quick and Easy Christmas Creams

Christmas Creams You guys!! It’s almost Christmas! What are you up to? Are you spending Christmas with your family? A group of close friends? Sunbathing in the Bahamas? Oh man, I wish I was sunbathing in the Bahamas right now. It’s getting cold outside!

Which means it’s time to snuggle up in a blanket on the couch and drink cups of tea or/and/with hot chocolate and these delicious Christmas candies. I call them Christmas candies because it’s almost Christmas and I really want you (yes you!) to make these for Christmas because they’re delicious, but you can make these cream candies whenever you want really. Make them for Christmas, make them for New Year’s Eve, make them for Easter, make them for a birthday, or make them just because you feel like treating yourself. I mean, why not?

All you need is some leftover buttercream. Or heck, make some just so you can make these cream candies!

I got the idea for this recipe-which-is-barely-a-recipe a few days ago, when my second post for Serious Eats was published. By the way, have you had time yet to check out my first post for Serious Eats? The Chocolate Meringue Cake filled with whipped cream and raspberries? It’s good! Anyway, my second post for Serious Eats is basically a summary/sequel/expansion of my Battle of the Buttercreams series. In the post, I stress how important it is to serve buttercream at room temperature, because you can’t really experience it’s velvety smoothness when it’s cold. Anyway, some of the SE readers thought otherwise, and one of them included this much-loved family recipe in her comment.


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The Tough Cookie’s Holiday Favorites and Some News!

Caramel Apple Peanut Butter Cake
Hi guys! I’ve got some great news I’d like to share with you today! And a few of last year’s favorite holiday recipes!

But let’s start with the good news, shall we?

As of last Wednesday, I make money writing about food. As in: someone actually pays me to develop recipes for food, take pictures of food and write about food! I’m soooo stoked about it! I mean, this means I’m a writer, right? I’m not just a translator anymore, I actually write things myself!

So awesome!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Kenji Lopez-Alt, the managing culinary director at Serious Eats! And I’m suuuure you know exactly who I’m talking about… I mean, the culinary director at Serious Eats! In case you don’t know, Serious Eats is huge! And Kenji is a wizard in the kitchen! Do you know about that little vodka-pie-crust trick? Where you add vodka to pie crust to make it flaky? Well, Kenji came up with that! Like I said: kitchen wizard…

Anyway, I bet you’re wondering what I’ve been writing for Serious Eats. So check out my first post for them! The recipe is crazy! I made a delicious Chocolate Meringue Cake filled with Whipped Cream and Raspberries. It was soooooo good! I’ll post some photos of it on my blog in a few days, but for now I guess a link will just have to do. The photos are a bit different from what you might expect from me, because Serious Eats only uses horizontally orientated photos, and Kenji also asked me not to use so much exclamation points when writing for Serious Eats. Apparently I do that a lot!

(And yes, I totally do that, of course…)


My second post for Serious Eats (because I’ll be posting for them once a week!) was a massive one! I basically crammed my entire ‘Battle of the Buttercreams’ series into one little (well, large) post. It was great though! Ever since I did my Battle of the Buttercreams about a year ago I’ve picked up so many tips and tricks. Don’t worry, I’ll post them here as well, but for now, just follow this link!


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Chocolate Cupcakes with an Amazing Candy Cane Buttercream

Candy Cane Cupcakes Wow, it’s been aaaaaages since I last posted a recipe! I feel like I’m going through blogging withdrawal… Which means: time for a new recipe!

And a killer one at that…

Who here remembers that awesome Christmas Cloud Cake I made for Christmas last year? I sure do. It’s a gorgeous layered chocolate cake, imbibed with raspberry liqueur syrup, filled with whipped chocolate ganache and coated with an amazing candy cane frosting. It was sooooo good! Instead of just crushing the candy canes and stirring them into a batch of frosting or buttercream, I actually melted the candy and turned it into a syrup, which I then used to make an Italian meringue. In other words, instead of ending up with a smooth frosting with weird crunchy/sticky/chewy bits of candy cane here and there – what I would have had if I had gone the traditional candy cane frosting route – I ended up with a super smooth frosting packed with candy cane flavor. It was delicious!

So this year, I wanted to make it again! But a little differently… Instead of making candy cane frosting, which was really just a candy cane flavored Italian meringue, I decided to make actual candy cane buttercream. Because, as you probably all know by now from reading my blog or other blogs or listening to your grandmother or your foodie neighbor, by adding butter to an Italian meringue you can make Italian buttercream!

Tatadadaaaaa! <– dramatic effect


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Pear and Walnut Coffee Cake

Pear and Walnut Coffee Cake I just can’t get enough of coffee cakes lately! They’re just soooooo good! And, more importantly, having the occasional piece of cake keeps me sane during those long hours of typing my thesis.

Sorry, what was that? How’s the thesis, you say? Well, good. Thanks for asking! I guess… Quick, pass the cake!!

Truth be told: my thesis is driving me crazy! Crazy and absentminded. The kind of absentminded where you mistake the fridge for your wardrobe and not realize it until fifteen minutes later, when you find yourself eating a peanut butter and cucumber sandwich wearing nothing but a towel. Ah well, at least I wasn’t wearing the sandwich, right?

But let’s move on to another topic. My thesis scares me… And cake makes me happy, so that’s what I’ll be blabbing about today! More specifically, I’ll be talking about this Pear and Walnut Coffee Cake! It’s amazing! I actually reward myself with it when I’m working on my thesis.

Damn, that brought me right back to it…Aaaaanyway, let’s pretend my thesis is NOT scary for a second. Just so I can tell you why I love this cake so much… You see, this cake is perfect for taking my mind off that dreaded word document that hopefully, someday, will magically turn into a 25,000 word thesis. It’s filled with juicy pears, cinnamon, brown sugar and walnuts and topped with amazing walnut streusel! And powdered sugar. Because powdered sugar makes me feel like Christmas is right around the corner even though it’s not even December yet and around Christmastime my thesis will hopefully be out of of my life!

I wish it was Christmas already!


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Peanut Butter Ice Cream with a Chocolate Fudge Swirl

Peanut Butter Ice Cream with a Chocolate Fudge Swirl Peanut butter ice cream… Does it get any better than that? Oh wait, yes it does! Peanut butter ice cream with a hot fudge swirl… Much better! Mind you, the swirl is not hot. I originally planned to give this post the following title: ‘Peanut Butter Ice Cream with a Hot Fudge Swirl’, but I decided against it. Too confusing. I mean, ice cream and a hot swirl? Crazy! I mean, the swirl is just as cold as the ice cream. Aka: frozen!

Wait, did I say ‘Frozen’? I looove that movie! Is it weird that I can sing along to ‘Let It Go’? And to ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman’? Because I’m not apologizing for it…

But let’s get back to the ice cream. As you might have guessed, this is the ice cream I mentioned in my last post on homemade hot fudge sauce. For those of you who missed my last post, I’ve been craving peanut butter ice cream for the last couple of weeks or so. And what do you do when a craving hits you and you happen to also run a food blog? You come up with a killer recipe!

Wow, that sounds like developing this recipe was really easy! Trust me, it wasn’t. But more on that later… Let’s first discuss why this is the most delicious peanut butter ice cream out there. First of all, this ice cream is super smooth and super creamy. Creamy to the max! And secondly, it is just packed full of flavor! Akak: packed full of peanut butter!


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