Double Brown Butter Cake With a Sweet Vanilla Glaze

Double Brown Butter Cake with a Vanilla Glaze I’m wearing tiny shorts and a tank top and I’m sipping iced, homemade Elderflower Cordial through a paper straw, Lucy is snoozing on my feet, still a bit damp from her swim in the pond and the Rocking Rebel is slightly sunburned and shirtless. Yes! It’s definitely summer right now! As in: hot hot hot. As in: do-I-really-have-to-wear-clothes-today? As in: sunny with a chance of ice cream!

And better yet, I’ve made an amazing cake. A to-die-for cake. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one, because it’s the best! Remember how I didn’t want to brown butter for the cookies I told you about in my last post? The Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Dulce de Leche? This cake is why…

So yeah, it may be summer, but that doesn’t mean I’m suddenly making healthy things. To all my readers who have ambitious imma-fit-in-that-bikini-plans: I’m sorry, but I couldn’t keep this cake from you. It’s too good! Ridiculously good. In fact, this may even be one of my favorite cakes ever!


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Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Dulce de Leche

Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Dulce de Leche I had a craving. And a saved recipe I had found on Foodgawker. A recipe for ‘Browned Butter-Cinnamon Dulce de Leche Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies‘. Phew, what a mouthful! I don’t think I’ve ever come up with such a long name for one of my recipes! Anyway, the author of this recipe – aka, the coiner of the longest cookie name in history – is Jaclyn of Cooking Classy! Be sure to check out her blog, because there are some great recipes on there! Personally, I’m dying to try her White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake! And her Hot Fudge Sunday Cupcakes look amazing!

But first things first: let’s talk about these cookies.

Wait, hold on! Let’s first talk about the fact that I didn’t stick to Jaclyn’s recipe. You see, Jaclyn’s recipe involves browning butter, and because I’ve been working on a brown butter cake recipe I decided to use plain, regular, boring old butter instead. Really, I feel like I’ve already browned waaaaay too much butter lately…


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How to Use a Different Size Cake Pan: Round Cake Pans

How to Use a Different Size Cake Pan Welcome to Thesis-Land! The land of academic despair and self-doubt! Look to your left and you’ll see the Marshes of Hours Lost and on your left rises the Paper Mountain of Discarded Ideas!

No, I’m just kidding. The work on my thesis is actually going pretty well. Sure, I’m a bit stuck on Norbert Elias and his theories on sociogenesis (socio-what-the-sis???) at the moment, but I’ve also found another great book which is being shipped to me as we speak! So, all in all, I’m pretty happy! Plus, I’ve learned a valuable lesson from my daily tear off block calendar today. I’ll share it with you. Because I’m that kind of person. Here’s how it goes:

Happiness never decreases by being shared.

Isn’t that beautiful? It’s from Buddha! There’s also a part about candles and the life-expectancy of candles in general, but I will not bore you with that. I didn’t really get that part, anyway… But hey! What I’m really trying to say is this: I’m happy and I want you (yes, you!) to be happy too! So I came up with something interesting that will completely change the way you look at your (round) cake pans! Sounds exciting, right?


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Strawberry Balsamic Popsicles

Strawberry Balsamic Popsicles Ugh, I get bored waaaaay too easily! I’ve been working on my thesis all day and all I want to do is not work on my thesis. I’m bored out of my mind! However, at the same time I know I have to keep working if I ever want to finish the thing, so instead of checking my email, my university email and Foodgawker every few minutes (here’s my page, if you’re interested…) I spent the day typing, reading, paraphrasing and quoting. It’s a pain! But also strangely satisfying…

Anyway, because the only thing getting me through long days of thesis-writing is the occasional Strawberry Balsamic Popsicle, I thought I’d blog about them a little. I deserve a break every now and then, right? ‘Cause just in case you were wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been in thesis land. I haven’t really blogged a lot lately, because my thesis is my life right now! It’s ridiculous and sad and ridiculous… Seriously, I can’t even think about anything but my thesis anymore, regardless of the fact that it’s driving me crazy and I really, really, really want to think about other things. Happy things. Like chocolate and glitter and Care Bears.

Anyway, there’s good news, too: I’ve finally found my mojo. Which basically means that instead of procrastinating and Googling things like “I’m so bored” or “How to write your thesis in one week” and spending thirty minutes reading/watching thesis-related memes, I’m finally getting some work done!

Yay me!


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Fudgy Oreo Brownies

Fudgy Oreo Brownies Last Friday, I found myself craving brownies. I needed them desperately. Well, I needed chocolate… Because I hate my thesis. There. I’ve said it. I hate my thesis. You see, I’ve been working on it for what feels like months and months and months, but so far I’ve only managed to write exactly 879 words. Which is discouraging. Especially if you consider that eventually I need to come up with 25.000 of them. And that it’s due the first of August. Which means that I have precisely 39 days to come up with 24.121 words that together form sentences that are somehow, kind of, a little bit related to the topic of my thesis.

It’s driving me crazy!

Anyway, to make a short story even shorter: I needed chocolate. Which in this case translated into needing brownies. That’s how I roll. Well, that’s how I rolled last Friday, at least. 

Naturally, I did what any sane person with brownie-cravings would do: sneak into the kitchen to make some. There was only one problem though… I was all out of Golden Syrup, my all-time favorite secret ingredient when it comes to brownie-making and the stuff that makes these brownies so ridiculously fudgelicious.  

I felt like crying, but I didn’t. I’m a big girl. Besides, I could always just have some chocolate, right? Wrong! Arnold Swarzenegger kind of wrong! I was all out of chocolate too. And I didn’t feel like running out to the store to get some. I don’t like stores. Especially not when I’m dressed in my thesis-writing uniform (read: the Rocking Rebel’s sweats. I’ve been wearing them a lot lately).


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