French Madeleines with Almond and an Apricot Glaze

Madeleines with Almonds and Apricot Glaze Hey guys! Suuuup?

A few days ago, I was paging through ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ by Julia Child, paying special attention to her chapter on desserts, and I noticed that the French seem to love the combination of almonds and apricot. Well, at least Julia uses it in a lot of her baking.

So, since I own a Madeleine pan, which I bought a few years ago for only a few bucks, I decided to make almond and apricot Madeleines. Because I thought it would tie in nicely with the whole French theme… AND because Madeleines, which are just tiny, shell-shaped cakes, are fun to make and delicious. And deliciousness is my thang!

Here’s how I made them…


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Crustless Leek and Goat Cheese Pie

Crustless Leek and Goat Cheese Pie Okay, so I think I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, what? A SAVORY recipe? On The Tough Cookie? Whaaat??”

Yup. A savory recipe. A killer savory recipe, I might add.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about posting the occasional savory recipe on my site. Because a) I don’t just eat dessert and b) there are days when nothing but a massive helping (or two) of homemade spaghetti can make me happy.

Oh, and c) because I can cook, too!

So here’s what I had for dinner yesterday: an awesome crustless leek and goat cheese pie. If you’re a regular reader, this pie may remind you of another pie I posted about about two years ago. That one had a crust, though. This one obviously doesn’t. To me, serving a crustless pie makes a lot of sense. For one, it means that you can have more filling, because pies, especially savory ones, are all about the filling… It also means that all you need to do to get this baby on the table is cook up a little filling, pour it in a buttered pie pan and bake it until it’s golden and crispy around the edges! And yeah, not bothering with a crust also cuts back on the calories, which of course means that you can eat more!


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Crisp Meringue Nest with Homemade Orange Curd Cream and Fresh Fruit

Meringue Nests with Orange Curd Cream Okay, so I realize this recipe may be a bit late. Easter has come and gone. Still, I wanted to show you guys what I made. And hey, leave the chocolate eggs off these cute little meringue nests and you still have a killer spring dessert!

Crisp meringue, homemade orange curd and fresh fruit: it’s a golden combination any time of year!

So yeah, an Easter recipe on the 7th of March. Because that’s how I roll (aka: I’m always late with everything). No seriously, an Easter recipe on the 7th of March because it’s simply a delicious dessert recipe and really all that’s Eastery about it is the eggs. So just pretend the eggs aren’t there and I’m presenting this cute little dessert as a gorgeous dessert to celebrate spring.


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Things I Made a Year Ago

Things-I-Made-a-Year-Ago-March-2014 Hey guys, long time no see! Guess where I’ve been? On Lanzarote, which is the easternmost of the Canary Island (thanks Wikipedia). Last year, I took my mom to Gran Canaria for a little sunshine, this year, we decided on Lanzarote.

Although the weather was a bit stormy at times and I really, really, really missed my Rocking Rebel and little Lucy, we had a great time! The food was great, the appartment spacious, clean and … well not exactly luxurious, but luxurious enough for the two of us! There were lots of little shops and restaurants and although we decided against riding a camel (they smell bad and can be pretty scary) we did have lots of other adventures (read: we ate a lot of cake). 

So now that I’m all rested, here are the recipes I made last March!


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No-Bake Chocolate Nutella Cheesecakes

No-Bake Chocolate and Nutella Cheesecake This recipe has been featured on Serious Eats.

No-bake cheesecake. Yes! These beautiful no-bake chocolate and Nutella cheesecakes are a chocoholic’s dream come true! An intense dark chocolate filling is spooned on top of a crumbly Oreo crust and topped with a creamy, rich Nutella filling.

Now that’s just dangerous…

I made these beauties for Serious Eats‘ Cheese Week. My very cool – and very eloquent! – editors gave them a fancy new name: verrines. I had personally never heard of that term, but hey – you live, you learn, right? However, here, on The Tough Cookie, these verrines are just called no-bake chocolate nutella cheesecakes. Because I at least know how to pronounce that!

Anyway, these delicious no-bake cheesecakes are really easy to make, but you will need about five mixing bowls! You also can’t get around the fact that you will have to wash your mixer’s beaters every now and then. As for me, I’m more than willing to do so if the reward is something as delicious as this!


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